Monday, June 16, 2008

Quickie: Ida Maria - Queen Of The World

Norwegian-born Ida Maria has a husky tone in her voice, which at times makes it sound like her throat is being torn open (ouch). Perhaps fully aware of this feature, her materials are decidedly more rock-n-roll than I'd expect. However, it really is just pop at heart, i.e. proper singalong melodies and all. Her latest single 'Queen Of The World' is a jaunty, rollicking, youthful number, which should propel her to moderate popularity in certain crowds. The chorus goes a bit like this: "I'm the queen of the world. I bump into things. I spin around in circles. And I'm singing." Very nice stuff. Could be a potential drunk anthem!

Ida Maria - Queen Of The World


Another one of her single is called 'Stella', and the titular character is a "43-year-old hooker from downtown". Cheeky! She took her rough vocals to great effect in this one, which is actually a bit sad. Her next single is entitled "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked". Lazy Kate Nash/Lily Allen comparisons would follow, but she's not that similar. Her debut, "Fortress Around My Heart" was already out in Norway, and will soon be available in the UK on July 28.

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