Friday, July 25, 2008

Themes Remixed

So I'm on a roll. Another spontaneous post. It's been raining outside all day, and that's how the idea for this post was conceived. As a little playlist for a rainy day. So here you go - famous themes, remixed by cool people. Good background music for a summer night.

Paul Oakenfold - James Bond Theme

Mark Snow - X-Files Theme (UNKLE Remix)
Another '90s phenomenon that I didn't get to know. By the I was old enough to care for it, it had already gone. The only episode I remembered watching is this rerun in which this guy imagined the Brady bunch living in his house and when he met the agents, he changed his surrounding to this place that looked like the Windows XP default wallpaper (why the hell could I remember it so specifically?). Anyways, the new movie's out this week in the US and I planned to watch the first movie this weekend as an introduction. And then maybe search that hilarious The Simpsons episode in which Mr. Burn got all alieny and googly-eyed on YouTube. If this proved a success, then hopefully it'd pave the way for more 90s TV series to come back on the silver screen. Like Buffy. Or Xena?

Pink Panther Theme (Fischerspooner Mix)
Not from that rather stupid Steve Martin movie version, but from a surprisingly decent (and totally uncalled for) chillout compilation Pink Panther's Penthouse Party. Yes, I didn't make that up.

Thomas Newman - Six Feet Under Main Theme (Rae & Christian Remix)
Another show that I heard nothing but praise for, yet I never watched it. It seemed to have impeccable taste in music, though (hello, Sia?).

The Sims Theme (Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band Remix)
Yes, this actually exists. They do remixes for game tunes now. Fortunately, it's not shit, actually quite a laidback groove.

The Landau Orchestra - A Place In Time (Instrumental Arrangement)
The 4400's not of my interest, but the theme song is so damn sweet in a dream-pop, Ivy-esque kind of way that I eagerly awaited for a soundtrack release for a full-length version of the song. There is one, but those lazy bastards just phoned in the same one-minute theme. Epic fail! (Yay, an excuse to use hip slang!) At least, there's this smooth "instrumental arrangement" by The Landau Orchestra to get me by.

That's all for today. Enjoy.

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