Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rediscovered: Lillix - Sweet Temptation (Hollow)

Remember Lillix? They were this Avril-lite, Disney-friendly version of The Donnas that hit it big once with their cover of 'What I Like About You' that seemed to appear in every chick flick back then. I didn't even know it was a cover of The Romantics until a couple weeks ago. That shamefully late discovery made me wonder if they had actually had any good punk-pop songs on their own, and so off to Youtube I went. The singles from their debut weren't any good. But the lead single for the flopped second album really is something. On 'Sweet Temptation (Follow)', the girls switched from generic teen-punk-pop to faux-glam-pop-rock. A major pop number with a monster of a chorus. Really, it's insanely catchy. I had no idea what went wrong, was it the label's disinterest in promoting, the dull video, or what? What was supposed to help them rejuvenate their career and gain more exposure ended up pushing them into oblivion instead. I know the life span of bands like this is not long, but still, such a shame that this was overlooked. Were this to be released now, it'd have the potential to become a big hit. What happened happened, the band was dropped, 2 members left, a guy was recruited and apparently they're working on new materials, though I doubt if they'd ever find a way back into the limelight again. Well, those royalties from 'What I Like About You' should be enough to fund another album, I guess. So if you enjoy your pop with big hooks and miss this like me, give it a chance. A new addictive guilty pleasure of mine.

Lillix - Sweet Temptation (Hollow)
(Inside The Hollow, 2006)

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