Saturday, February 21, 2009

Towa Tei + Miho Hatori = Big Fun

Towa Tei, one of the leading figures in the Japanese electronic scene, has returned after a long hiatus with new single 'Mind Wall'. Considering he's a former member of Deee-Lite, I guess it makes sense that he recruited the help of another '90s alumni, ex-Cibo Matto Miho Hatori! And the result is fantastic. I like the contrast of the rhythmic verses against the jazzy, laidback chorus, of the thumping drum-n-bass beats against the plodding piano keys. This kind of fusion might not be anything new, but it works perfectly. And the animated promo video is total eye candy, it's bonkers, Japanese style!

The new album, 'Big Fun', is on iTunes internationally by now, I think. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest.

TRY: Towa Tei Feat. Miho Hatori - Mind Wall

If you're not too familiar with Towa, make sure to check out his two Kylie collaborations. 'German Bold Italic' is an ode to an imaginary typeface (!), with an odd video featuring Kylie in geisha get-up, directed by her then-boyfriend St├ęphane Sednaoui. The other, 'Sometime Samurai', was released in 2005, a good 7 years after the first collab.