Friday, March 06, 2009

Beast - Mr. Hurricane

How do you like the spanking new layout? I finally caved in yesterday and decided to upgrade from the classic Blogger template. Closed the blog for about 2 hours, meddled with codes, refurbished this and that. And I'm very pleased with the result. It looks so much nicer, isn't it? I particularly like the rounded corners and the fixed background. That dusty, dull, unsightly old one can retire now, phew. On to the music...

Beast is a new Montreal duo, consisting of Jean-Phi Goncalves and Betty Bonifassi. Now Betty came as a big surprise, as I remembered her singing on the soundtrack for 'The Triplets Of Belleville', one of my favorite animated movies ever, and also one of the most bonkers I've seen. Never would I have guessed that, since her vocals on the following track is so much...rawer.
'Mr. Hurricane' is a fuzzy mix of soul, rock, and electronic. Betty coined their sound as 'trip rock', so let's stick with that for lack of a better description. The track got me bobbling head and tapping toes instantly, and that is always a good thing. There's a certain '90s flair to the driving beats, but with a more updated touch. Also, there's a choir in the chorus! Plus one! Actually, I think the choir made the song.

TRY: Beast - Mr. Hurricane

The music video for the song is very cool, if a bit uneasy. Beast has a recurring obsession with bees, apparently. Not just a few, thousands of swarms of them. You're best advised to not click on the play button if you have apiphobia.
Beast - Mr. Hurricane from MapleMusic Recordings on Vimeo

Beast's self-titled album was released in the US on March 3. I find this taster decent and very likable, so I will probably give it a spin. You can purchase it here or on iTunes.

P.S. I was going to make 'Beety and the Beast' the headline. Thank goodness I did not. Ummm...

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