Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Under The Covers...

So, daylight saving, huh? It starts to get dark at just about 5 in the afternoon here now. The last winter of the noughties is coming. Oh well, more reasons to stay in and listen to sad music. As promised, here is another batch of rare covers. I believe these are definitely the best picks in recent memory.

Joan As Police Woman - Overprotected (Britney Spears)
(Cover, 2009)

Such a peculiar pick. I mean when you decide to cover a Britney song, 'Overprotected' wouldn't be the first you think of. Still, I think Joan did a great job with this. From a tour-only cd.

Owen - More Than Words (Extreme)
(The Seaside EP, 2009)

Yes, this is a cover of that song by those two long-haired dudes. Can you detect any irony in his voice? Because what I hear is pretty earnest.

Taken By Trees - My Boys (Animal Collective)
(East Of Eden, 2009)

A gender-reverse reinterpretation by ex-Concretes Victoria Bergsman. Accompanied by a dreamy, oh-so-summery video.

Flunk - Karma Police (Radiohead)
(This Is What You Get, 2009)

It is not easy to cover Radiohead, but I think Norwegian downtempo outfit Flunk swang the song in an interesting direction, and it worked. One for the nightdriving.

Peter Broderick - Roscoe (Midlake)
(7", 2008)

I searched for this on Hype Machine, and was baffled that no one had picked up on this excellent cover before. Perhaps this is due to the fact it was a limited 7" b-side? Anyway, if you just download one from the post, make it this one. It's a faithful cover while also bringing something fresh to the original. The moment in the second verse when the handclaps start is absolutely amazing.

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