Monday, March 15, 2010

Ellie Goulding Remixed By Bright Light Bright Light

Here is a freshly squeezed remix of Ellie Goulding's "Under The Sheets", courtesy of Rod Thomas, under his alias Bright Light Bright Light. Recently made available for free on his website, it's certainly a very listenable reswizzle to these ears.

UPDATE: Of course, I received a DMCA takedown notification for this. Link removed guys, but it's still at Rod Thomas's website for anyone still interested.

Still not tired of this song yet. Ellie's star is shooting up this year, and rightfully so. To be honest, on first listen, I was a little underwhelmed by her album, but I kept coming back and found new layers to appreciate. "Lights" is the sort of album that has lasting power, although at times could have benefited from a less "busy" production.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

10 Amazing Things About She & Him's New Video "In The Sun"

These are those.

  • Synchronized dancing overload!
  • Zooey's impossibly pretty hair! And the wink at 2:18! Ain't she puuurdy!
  • The giddy Asian dancing bro!
  • Sunglass-wearing M. Ward looking a bit like Robert Downey Jr! He's just too cool for school! *sorry*
  • Hula hoops!!!
  • Polka-dots!!!
  • Badass fake guitar playing there, Mr. Him. 
  • The little walk off Zooey does at the end.
  • It was directed by Bring It On director, who worked previously with Zooey on Yes Man. 
  • The whole affair was basically a hip, "indie" version of Glee.

And here I thought she couldn't be any more adorable. I have watched the video more than 4 times today already, I might as well create a "I Hate Ben Gibbard" Facebook group.

I know some might have issues with her cutesy-indie-chick-in-vintage-dresses schtick considering she's a grown-ass 30-year-old woman, but not me at all! In fact, the video took an already great song to a new level. It almost feels like a follow-up to that music video she did with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for "500 Days Of Summer". It's so awesome that it dragged me out of blogging retirement just to rave about it! From the 3 songs off "Volume Two" so far, I predict this record will be just as strong and catchy as the first. The b-side to "In The Sun", "I Can Hear Music" is a gorgeous Ronettes cover that needs to be heard. It seems Zooey is seriously commited to this musical liaison. I loved the first album, so here's hoping these two can keep up the pace of one new volume every year, because I will always have a place for more sunny, simple melodies.

MP3: She & Him - In The Sun

"Volume Two" comes out on March 23 on Merge. Pre-order here.