Friday, April 02, 2010

Covered: Noisettes Reimagined Buzzcocks

Noisettes recently covered Buzzcocks' new wave classic "Ever Fallen In Love" for Dr. Martens' 50th anniversary campaign, and it has finally been put up online today as a free download, along with a pretty glossy music video directed by famed photographer duo Rankin & Chris (whose last work was Kelis'  "Acapella" video). Video + the track after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Noisettes - Ever Fallen In Love

The Donna Summer "I Feel Love" sample was an interesting touch, but the Moroder synths didn't exactly work well with it, did they? I love Shingai, but this cover just didn't wow me. The definitive cover version for this song still is Nouvelle Vague's.
There will be 9 other covers by 9 other artists spreading throughout this year, all of which can be downloaded at the cost of your email address here. I'm particularly looking forward to The Cinematic Orchestra & The Raveonettes' contributions.

On a sidenote, Shingai's pre-Noisettes collaboration with Matthew Herbert, "The Audience", is still a toe-tapping stunner.

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