Sunday, April 11, 2010

Music For A Spring Day

Springtime is finally upon us. Gone are the tedious, brooding moodswings of winter. The return of sunlight is very much welcome indeed, though it was like a furnace outside a few days ago. I guess I shall spend less time wallowing now, and start bringing out brighter shades of music. Here's a quick mix of breezy, light tunes to match the mood of a carefree, jolly spring day. Enjoy your Sunday, folks.

Jonna Lee - Lake Chermain

(This Is Jonna Lee, 2009)
One of my favorite tracks from the alleged culprit behind "viral sensation" iamamiwhoami.
Zee Avi - Just You And Me
(Zee Avi, 2009)
I first heard of this fine ukelele track from that eyewear commercial starring Elijah Wood & the divine Shirley Manson, which should not be missed.
Saint Etienne - Mario's Cafe
(London Conversations, 2009)
What a gem this is. Originally from their 1993 album "So Tough", this song still sounds so fresh. I can see people breaking out in song & dance to it in the streets.
The Lucksmiths - Sunlight In A Jar
(Warmer Corners, 2005)
A jaunty twee ditty from the now-defunct Australian band.
Springfactory - As Winter Gives Way To Spring
(Springfactory, 2007)
I've been keeping this obscure goody for such an occasion. '60s-inflected indie pop from the side project of a guy from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

That's all for the day. Come back later for another batch of springtime tunes.

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