Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The more I hear the new Professor Green single "Just Be Good To Green"...

   ...The more I wish it was actually a new Lily Allen single. If only someone would make an edit that takes out all of Green's parts, his douchey rapping really grates on me. Her involvement is the sole reason I found this enjoyable. Lily looks great as always in the video, but her styling seems rather self-consciously off, as if to conceal pregnancy or undesired chubbiness! I love that this track turned me on to Beats International's '90s jam "Dub Be Good To Me", the one it "sampled", much like how Estelle's "Freak" and Big Boi's "Shutterbug" introduced me to Soul II Soul's "Back To Life".

The single's out July 11 in the UK.

   Last year when Lily was on Live Lounge, she performed an Oasis track. It surprised me that the song was: 1) recent, and 2) actually quite good (or Lily had made it so)! I know she's supposedly retiring from the music biz, but I just know she's gonna take back her words soon enough. Any year that has Ms. Lily release new materials is a good year for me.

Lily Allen - I'm Outta Time (Oasis Cover)

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