Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taken By Trees vs. Anna Karina

The other day, I saw “Anna”, a 1967 French musical starring Anna Karina. It’s a TV movie, so it’s a bit poor, but Anna absolutely radiates with her ear-to-ear grin and her manic eyes. I felt the urge to make a music video out of her scenes. Then I remembered hearing a fantastic, summery remix of Taken By Trees’ “Anna” by CFCF a couple weeks ago. I went ahead and mashed the two up. It took me ages to finish, but I think I did alright. So if you want to see the New Wave heroine dancing to Taken By Trees' music, here's your chance!

Grab the remix, too.

Taken By Trees - Anna (CFCF Remix)

What do you think of my amateur attempt at editing? I hope I did the ever-lovely Anna Karina justice, and if I didn't, I apologize.

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